Within a clinical sports medical setting the discussion about doping is insufficient. In elite-sports use of pharmaceutical agents is daily business in order to maintain the expected top-level performance. Unfortunately, a similar development could be observed in the general population of leisure athletes where medical supervision is absent. As a sports physician you are facing imminent ethical questions when standing in between. Therefore, we propose the application of a standardised risk score as a tool to promote doping-prevention and launch the debate within athlete-physician-relationship.
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Long term storage of the anti-doping samples and their ­reanalyses becomes today more and more a trend in the anti-doping community. The procedure has been implemented by the anti-doping authorities for the samples of the Tour de France and for the Olympic Games since Athens 2004 and has been always presented as a good tool to deter doping habits in top level sport. Recently, the World Anti-Doping Code introduced the possibility for anti-doping organizations to store the athletes’ samples up to ten years.
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